Olympic Hopefuls
(editor Sharon Singer)

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We develop a "production family" with professionals who share our pursuit of excellence in their craft. Legacy will capture the "money shot," record the whispered confession, inspire with original music and edit a beautiful visual tapestry.


VISIONS, INC. - Impact
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The Sisters Project
(camera Lance Douglas
sound Paul Green)

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Sample Productions

Olympic Hopefuls

These prospects for the Youth Olympics possess a drive that out-paces their years. Mini-profiles made to promote the 2020 Games spotlight swimming, soccer, and track & field. The unflinching competitors are: Nyla, who swims the distance for the Bay State Summer Games and improves her best time rather than seeking top honors; Lucy, the footballer with absolutely no quit in her; and Jovan, running in his father’s footsteps—and aiming to inherit the win.

One Lincoln Street

A documentary film depicting the story behind the largest commercial development in the country created by minority partners. It spotlights the political, business and personal experiences of African American, Chinese American, Latina and Caucasian investors during their unprecedented collaboration to build an office tower in downtown Boston.

The W. K. Kellogg
Y.E.S. Project / VISIONS, INC.

Documentary shorts profile the Kellogg Foundation's national youth anti-racism training program. Working in small groups from Mississippi to Illinois, youth of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds acquire the skills to become social activists. Their personal struggles and successes, as well as those of their community organizations tell an emotionally gripping tale and define the complicated state of race relations in America.

The Sister's Project

This film is being developed at the request of Executive Producer Jacqueline Maloney and explores the black female experience at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges from its first graduate, Alberta Virginia Scott, in 1898 to the present. Personal and historical accounts showcase the celebrations, conflicts and debates over the value of the women to these venerable institutions and to society at large.

Kenya: Cradle of Champions

National Geographic Television EXPLORER short film portraying the predominance of Kenyan athletes in long distance track and field.

a nanny's life

An independent film spotlighting a young nanny's workday, and the emotional balancing act she and other caregivers experience as they attempt to do their jobs. (Boston Film Festival premiere)